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Praesidio is a specialist security, emergency response and training provider.
We provide a wide range of solutions to suit a varied client base, be it private, corporate or governmental; operating from the UK, but with a global reach. Our team of specialists are drawn from military, law enforcement and security backgrounds. The team is further supplemented with personnel who are qualified in project management, commercial, legal, public relations and contractual disciplines.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Besides the major benefit of providing guidance during an emergency, developing an emergency response plan has other advantages. An organisation may discover unrecognised hazardous conditions that would aggravate an emergency situation and can work to eliminate them. The planning process may bring to light deficiencies, such as the lack of resources (equipment, trained personnel, supplies), or items that can be rectified before an emergency occurs. In addition, an emergency plan promotes safety awareness and shows the organisation’s commitment to the safety of workers.

Crucially, we provide client personnel with the tools – physical and mental, to travel with confidence and the proportionate level of preparedness, but with peace-of-mind there is a 24/7 support function should the need arise.


Preparedness & Intelligence

Our blend of skills and expertise allows us to come aboard at any stage of a project lifecycle. However, input, if initiated at pre-project or pre-deployment, will provide most benefits in terms of assessing, planning and mitigating the myriad risks a client may expect, or often is the case, not expect to encounter.

We continuously strive to improve and adapt our methods and procedures in order to stay abreast of the ever changing security and threat landscape.

Emergency Repatriation

Assistance can be provided to clients who may need to depart a country or region at short notice, doing so under controlled conditions. However, due to unexpected environmental or political events, it may be necessary to exfiltrate personnel to a safe area, or country using unconventional means. Planning for the unplanned is key.

Emergency Repatriation

Training Services

We provide a variety of training to suit the differing needs of clients, be it for deployment to hazardous environments – kidnap & ransom, escape/evasion, specialist driving, women in business, and medical. We can review any existing client training programmes, identify any capability gaps and advise on appropriate up to-date methods and processes, whilst at the same time taking due cognisance of the legal issues which surround duty of care.

Training Services

Threat Protection

The threat landscape is always evolving, and defences must be strengthened accordingly. An effective measure is a well-structured penetration test, designed to uncover weak points in networks and infrastructure, thus revealing potential threats, which in turn can form the foundation of a robust risk management strategy. The ability to identify and exploit uncovered vulnerabilities can prove invaluable in avoiding damage to personnel, assets, reputation and share value.

Private Membership

Advances in technology has brought many benefits to the lives of millions, creating huge potential for security and prosperity. It is the case however, that same technology can and has become available to state and non-state actors, organised crime groups, cyber criminals and terrorists. Private individuals need therefore to be vigilant in a way never previously considered necessary.

Our private membership scheme, Praesidio Black, provides a level of support that will allow the individual and/or his or her family to rest easy and be secure in their own home or whilst on the move – it may be both.

Praesidio Black
Trust in Our Knowledge & Experience

Trust in Our
Knowledge & Experience

Our team of specialists come from a background in security and defence – some with diplomatic and royal protection experience. A package can be designed to suit the clients’ needs, taking account of lifestyle and location.


Our services are extensive and ever evolving and too numerous to be contained within the bounds of a website. Services cover a variety of needs and crises, including, but not limited to; Blackmail, Cyber, Extortion, Hostage, Kidnap, Stalking, Specialist Canine Support.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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